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We Understand Your Insurance Needs

FreedoMed Insurance Experts Helps You Navigate Medicare and Find the best coverage for Your Healthcare Needs.

By knowing and understanding your medication and healthcare needs, FreedoMed can also help you find the best health insurance coverage for you. FreedoMed investigates ever company's policy to give you and unbiased look at coverage options and how you can get the maximum benefits from the coverage best suited for your needs.

In addition to finding your plan, part of the services offered by FreedoMed is helping customers fill out the proper forms to have their medical supplies covered by their Prescription Drug Plan.  This FreedoMed insurance feature is one of customer's favorite parts of the service provided by the Diabetic Care Club because these insurance forms can be so difficult to fill out.

FreedoMed Pharmacy employs a FreedoMed insurance staff that is well educated about the issues relating the Medicare and specifically the prescription drug coverage programs. Maintaining this FreedoMed insurance staff was deemed to be a worthwhile effort on the part of the company because so many of FreedoMed Medical's customers are covered by the Medicare program. Because the program can be so difficult to follow, many individuals struggle with understanding their coverage and how to get the most benefit from the Medicare part D program. By having trained FreedoMed insurance experts available, you are better able to understand how the government program fits together with FreedoMed Pharmacy services.

FreedoMed insurance professionals have the following helpful tips to help customers better understand the Medicare insurance program:

  • Finding the best plan regardless of the insurance company to fit your health care needs
  • Medicare part D covers prescription drugs and can help you pay the often high costs associated with diabetic medication. A FreedoMed insurance expert can help you fill out the correct forms to receive this coverage.
  • If you are enrolled in Medicare part A and/or B, it is possible for you to be covered under Medicare part D.
  • If Medicare part D does not meet all of your needs, additional financing may be available.
  • There are several different plans available and a FreedoMed insurance expert can give you advice on how to choose the plan that best meets your needs.
  • FreedoMed Pharmacy is a participating provider covered under the Medicare plan. This means that are trained FreedoMed insurance and pharmaceutical staff can meet your medical needs while staying within the bounds of the program.

Medicare can be a confusing system and many struggle with determining exactly what is covered by the plan, and what isn't. However, Freedomed insurance staff can make the system a little more straightforward and take some of the worry out of diabetes.

PLUS! As a member of our Diabetic Care Club, you will receive discounts for senior automobile and senior home insurance rates too.


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