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FreedoMed Pharmacy based in Tampa Bay, Florida. FreedoMed Pharmacy is dedicated to helping diabetics manage their diabetes by providing comprehensive diabetes supplies education and free home delivery. We pride ourselves on the best possible personalized customer support, through your enrollment into our newly launched Diabetic Care Club. We deliver directly to your home for free, so you can obtain your diabetic testing supplies at little or no cost (in some cases get your diabetic supplies for free!).

The FreedoMed Pharmacy Diabetic Care Club is comprised of a team of clinical professionals dedicated to provide you the most updated diabetic service and supplies. Belonging to the FreedoMed Pharmacy Diabetic Club, gives you the opportunity to be introduced to a monthly Wellness and Nutrition product that will complement your diabetic care (i.e. vitamins, creams, diabetic socks, dinner discounts to places with diabetic menus, newsletters, new pharmaceutical products, and personalized professional consults with our doctors, pharmacists, dietitians, and weight loss trainers). We believe that managing your diabetes does not only include managing your medications but also providing a complete diabetic wellness and nutrition education. This is for your to have a better handle on and taking care of your diabetes to fully manage your health.We also help our patients manage other chronic disease states such as COPD,asthma,heart disease, hypertention, hyperlipidimia, and much more. We also prvide preventive care such immunization.

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